Showing how a document changed to become another document has been part of lawyering for generations. In the past, junior lawyers and paralegals used to do it manually - carefully screening the two documents, and hand marking the differences, denoting modifications with carets and strike-throughs. Needless to say, when this task became automated by the use of computers, it was a technological marvel - it is particularly special because it had an innate usefulness in law, and is not a mass market technology adopted to law, like email and databases (which also changed law in striking ways).

Fast forward to today, we think that this original legal tech innovation could use some brushing up. The technique of redlining and its algorithms are well-understood and time-tested. We think that the way this technology could benefit lawyers further is by increasing its distribution and lowering cost for all parties involved. That is the purpose and mission of

Celant Innovations, LLC owns and operates cloud-based and on-premises solutions relating to legal document drafting and analysis. We strive to improve efficiencies in traditional processes, focusing our expertise in legal, accounting and financial industries. Our goal is to create easy-to-use products that resonate with our customers.